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Bright Room Decor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am sure you have many questions that are not listed here. Feel free to contact me with your specific questions.

Will I have to get rid of everything?

 No. This is not a method to achieve minimalist living, this is a method to make sure you are keeping everything that you love.

Where will I store my things? 

During the tidying we will focus on what you will keep. Once we know the size of what you will keep, we will find the best storing options that work for you. All I need from you, is that you have an open mind about the fact that storing as you know it today, may change. Be open to new possibilities.

I vary in size and have beautiful clothes that are too small- what do I do with the clothes that currently don't fit me?

Since we choose what sparks joy, we will not look at the size, only if they spark joy or not. Once the selection is done, we will find the best option of how to store the clothes that currently don't fit.

What will I do with all my beloved items that I have?

You will keep everything that you love, I will make sure of that!

I have spent so much money on my clothes and items, do I really have to get rid of them? 

Yes and No. No, if they spark joy for you, they will stay with you. Yes, if they are burdening you, we will thank them and let them go to someone that will treasure them. Once you are done, you will spend money only on clothes (and items) that you really love and treasure. You will notice the difference right away. 

I have this lovely item that is broken, but I want to keep it, can we repurpose it?

YES! It is wonderful to find a new purpose for an item that is broken or can't be used in the same way. I have many suggestions that we can discuss. This is one of my favorite things with the entire process. We can keep everything we love! We will find the right purpose for your things that you are actively taking a decision to keep.

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