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A Guide to Your Goals

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Who am I?
I am Jessica from Sweden, living in Prague, Czech Republic since August 2022 with my family. We are a Swedish expat family that moved to Prague after living in Bonn, Germany for 7 years and before that we spent 3 years in Seoul, Korea. We have two teenage daughters and our homebase is in Stockholm, Sweden and we often go there to see our family and friends as well as enjoy vacations.


How did it all start? 

I discovered the book "the life-changing magic of tidying'' by Marie Kondo in fall 2019. This opened a new door in my life, where my home didn't have to be a stressful place of items calling for my attention. I truly suffered from the unorganized home we had. Being an expat family the many moves, multiple homes and leading busy family life called for organisation and structure! 


After finishing my own Tidy Festival (when the whole house was tidy the KonMari® way), I decided I wanted to give others the chance to experience the same relief I did, and therefore decided to become a Certified KonMari® consultant. I am proud to now be a bronze Certified KonMari® Consultant!


What can I do for you?

I can visit your home online or live, depending on your needs as well as the location. I am fluent conduct all my sessions in Swedish or English. I am also fluent in German and understand some French.

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